Profoto - Compatible Flash Tube 600J 5500K (Compact Plus / Plus Special / 600 Plus / 600 Special / 300)




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Compatible Profoto Flash Tube 600J 5500K

Compact Plus
Compact Plus Special
Compact 600 Plus
Compact 600 Special
Compact Special
Compact 300)

This flash tube is colour corrected to 5500k

Phoxene Flashtube for Profoto Compact – Compatible Flashtube for Profoto Compact 300 and Profoto CompactPlus 600 – Color Corrected

PROFOTO COMPATIBLE FLASHTUBEA reliable and affordable alternative to branded flash tubes, Peartree are now able to provide compatible flash tubes and domes for all top branded lighting systems at an amazing price. Most flash tubes fitted with spring contacts are polarised, therefore they have two contacts of different diameter. The flash heads also have female connectors of different diameter, and even a non-polarised flash tube has:- a 4mm contact at the minus connection- a 3.5mm contact at the plus connection most cases, Peartree offers clear flash tubes (6000K)as well as colour corrected flash tubes (5500K), and also clear pyrex domes, as well colour corrected (-500K) domes. Please Note: The impulse spring must touch the flash tube. With a few millimetres gap between the flash tube and the impulse spring, the flash unit will usually work, but with a risk of occasional failure.DisclaimerThe brand-names mentioned in our documents are trademarks of their respective companies. None of them is affiliated with Peartree in any way, nor do they endorse Peartree products. When Peartree offers compatible parts, the word "compatible" means that Peartree parts will work with the mentioned equipment. Peartree parts can be different from the original ones and may generate a different effect. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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