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The X-shutter is Phase One’s redesigned industrial electronic leaf shutter with a smaller form factor. With a flash sync speed of 1/1000 and durability of over a million actuations, the shutter has shown amazing reliability in industrial applications with a life span that we have not seen out of any shutter in the past.

Initially, the X-Shutter was only available on the Phase One XT, but Cambo and Phase One have teamed up to expand the X-Shutter capabilities by remounting it to a number of additional lenses from Rodenstock and Schneider Kreuznach. The X-Shutter has been designed to work with the Phase One IQ4 series of backs, but with the addition of a copal 0 lens panel, they can be used with many large format cameras including, Cambo, Linhof, Arca Swiss, Sinar, Toyo and others.