Phase One XF Jewelry Workflow







Unique Features for Jewelry Shots

The XF IQ4 Camera System is the ultimate creative companion for photographers waiting to streamline their workflow and deliver the very best in image quality.






Focus Stack Tool

The built-in Focus Stacking tool in the XF Camera System is extremely valuable when you need to shoot macro images such as jewelry that both requires a great depth of field and ultimate levels of detail.





Focus Peaking in Live View

The Focus Peaking feature in Live View is an excellent aid to get the focus perfect when adjusting focus manually on the XF Camera System.

It is especially useful when you have zoomed into the image to adjust the near and far points of the jewelry for the Focus Stacking feature. Focus Peaking will highlight the areas in the Live View feed that have a high contrast and are thus likely to be in focus.




Live View RAW Histogram and RAW Clip Warning

The RAW Clipping warning in Live View indicates the amount of raw data that are being clipped for each of the color channels (Red, Green and Blue). Jewelry contains a lot of specular highlights and by moving either the jewelry itself or the light while observing the RAW Clipping, you can remove or minimize the amount of specular highlights in real time.







Built-in Profoto Remote Tool

You can easily adjust the intensity of different flash groups directly from the Profoto Remote Tool on the camera. You can also turn a flash group completely off in order to evaluate the contribution from a single light source – perfect for when you need to evaluate and optimize one light without the influence of the other lights.




Flash Analysis tool

The Flash Analysis Tool is used to visualize the flash output power, flash duration and timing within the exposure where a flash is fired. The Flash Analysis tool can be reviewed when accessing the tool from the Icon on the Top Screen or through the swipe menu.





Vibration Delay

If there is any kind of vibration going on while shooting a macro capture of jewelry, the fine details will get lost. This issue is solved by using the unique Vibration Delay mode, where the XF Camera System uses data from its seismographic sensor to monitor the vibration level and postpone the capture until there is no vibration detected.


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