Phase One is the world-leading provider of medium format digital photography systems and imaging solutions for professional photographers and industrial applications. Established in the early 1990s, Phase One is a true digital photography pioneer with a passionate commitment to image quality excellence and creative freedom.

Phase One’s engineering and design expertise has produced imaging breakthroughs from high- resolution camera systems to advanced software for better photographic workflows and RAW file editing. Phase One’s understanding and ability to optimize hardware and software integration underscores their award-winning Capture One Pro software – widely preferred by professional photographers. Phase One’s industrial division focuses on imaging accuracy for industrial applications ranging from aerial image acquisition to cultural heritage preservation – from mapping the globe, to protecting priceless works of art and documents.

Digital Backs & Cameras

                           Digital Backs                                            Cameras                                           

The Phase One Infinity Platform enables the same IQ4 Digital Back to seamlessly switch between the professional power and functionality of the XF, to the elegance and simplicity of the XT.

Regardless of camera choice, the IQ4 is primed for future development aimed at delivering the creative and workflow innovations needed to continually create at the highest level.


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Phase One IQ3 Digital Backs offer incredible versatility for demanding professional applications. Geared towards the professional photographer in every aspect. 

When used with the XF Camera System, the IQ3 provides advanced solutions for flash handling, power management, fast proofing, and innovative shutter technology and tools to eliminate vibration. 


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Part Art. Part Science. Capture extraordinary colour

Phase One have been working for over two decades to achieve perfection in colour across hardware and software. You won’t find better colour depth or rendering than with an XF Camera System.

Compatible with more than 60 lenses, the Phase One XF Camera System offers high-resolution lenses for all types of professional applications

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The XT Camera System is developed as the next step in the evolution of the field camera. It is a fully integrated camera with medium and large format optics, we streamline and re-imagine what a field camera can do.

The XT Camera System features complete digital integration and workflow, and a brand new, exclusive shutter technology:
the X-Shutter.


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Lenses & Software

                                             Lenses                                                                                            Software

Professional high-resolution lenses with a lens choice for all photography genres. 

The Leaf Shutter lenses deliver some of the sharpest lenses in the world, built for today’s systems as well as the future.

With an integrated Leaf Shutter, the range of Schneider Kreuznach lenses delivers industry-leading flash synchronization speed of up to 1/1600th of a second.


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The X-shutter is Phase One’s redesigned industrial electronic leaf shutter with a smaller form factor.

With a flash sync speed of 1/1000 and durability of over a million actuations, the X-Shutter has shown amazing reliability in industrial applications with a life span that we have not seen out of any shutter in the past.

Available in a range of Rodenstock Lenses.


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Capture One is the complete image editing software solution. With powerful tools for organizing, colour grading, layer editing, and much more, you have full control of both your images and your workflow.

  • Accurate colours
  • Fast importing and exporting
  • Precise colour-editing tools
  • Reliable tethered shooting


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Phase One entrusts Peartree Photo as one of their UK distributors thanks to our continual commitment to our trade and commitment to the brand!

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