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What is Medium Format?

Medium Format refers to a camera that has a sensor size larger than 35mm. This sensor size allows for a wide variety of impressive benefits including extremely high image quality, near perfect colour accuracy, wider dynamic range and much more.

Why switch from your standard 35mm DSLR/Mirrorless to

Medium Format?

Large Sensor

A larger sensor means larger pixels, the larger the pixels the more light-gathering capability they possess. With greater light gathering power, finer and more detailed tonal information can be produced, delivering more information in the final file.

Wider Dynamic Range

All that extra information allows for a wider dynamic range, meaning the details are preserved in the lightest highlights and the darkest shadows where most smaller sensor cameras would struggle. This gives the photographer more creative control over the image when retouching as well as smoother transitions from dark to light.

Better Control of Depth of Field

Medium Format allows for the production of images with a shallower depth of field while also retaining a wider field of view. 

Greater Creative Flexability

Having a large sensor that has the capability to gather larger amounts of information means that there is more creative freedom in the retouching stage. Not that the “fix it in post!” attitude is encouraged…but it is certainly reassuring to know that with medium format you will have extremely wide creative flexibility with your images post-shoot!

Print Large

The large sensor in medium format cameras allow for high resolution, and high resolution allows for large printing capabilities. Perfect especially for professional photographers who need to shoot advertisement photography to be used on billboards/large company vehicles for example.

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