Camera Bag Buying Guide


Camera Backpacks


A fantastic choice especially for travelling Photographers who spend their time hiking to remote locations.

For those on the move all day it is important to have a comfortable camera backpack that can not only hold photography equipment, but also essentials such as a water bottle, spare clothes, a packed lunch etc.



Camera Messenger & Shoulder Bags


Less suited towards photographers who plan to trek mountains, but more stylish and appealing for everyday causal transportation. 

Being at your side allows quick and easy access to your camera and room to carry additional lenses. Less hassle than swivelling a backpack on and off all day!


Camera Holsters


Having the room for extra equipment isn't always desirable, sometimes a photographer would prefer to just go out with only the necessities. 

That's where the holster comes in handy! A stylish way to carry your camera without hindering you or adding unnecessary volume or weight.

Perfcect for a quick walk in the city or a comfortable weekend excursion.



Tripod Bags


A varied range of Manfrotto tripod bags for your camera tripods and lighting stands, made to hold many different sizes and weight capacities.

Some models also include additional pockets so you can store all you smaller accessories