Schneider Kreuznach 2x Teleconverter f/2.0




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£1,917.85 inc.VAT

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Schneider Kreuznach 2x Teleconverter f/2.0
This high quality 2x teleconverter from Schneider Kreuznach is designed to double the focal length of the compatible lenses and lets you get closer to your subject matter.
Long focal length
The 2x teleconverter is designed for and compatible with the Schneider Kreuznach 240mm leaf shutter and 150mm leaf shutter lenses as well as the Mamiya 150mm AF lens. The teleconverter effectively extends the focal length of these lenses to 480mm and 300 mm respectively. All combinations of the 2x teleconverter and lenses require manual focusing.
Great versatility
Apart from enabling you to shoot detailed shots of subjects far away, you can create images with distinct characteristics with this 2x teleconverter and the telephoto lenses. This combination offers you great optical compression that effectively helps eliminate the distance between objects in your scene. This is a great effect for shooting stunning images e.g. of rolling hills, shorelines etc. The 2x teleconverter is especially well suited for landscape photography and it is a compact, flexible and affordable alternative to very long telephoto lenses.

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