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Schneider Kreuznach 120 mm LS F4,0 Macro Blue Ring Lens


Phase One / Mamiya Leaf



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NEW Schneider Kreuznach 120 mm LS f4,0 Blue Ring Macro

The Schneider Kreuznach 120mm LS f4,0 Macro lens is designed for the ultimate quality Macro 1:1 image.

• This lens is ideal for close-up product shots, and equally ideal for close up beauty, action, nature and wildlife photography.

• The professional choice when you want to get as close as possible with the subject. - Edge-to-edge tack sharp images - Beautiful out-of-focus bokeh - Auto Focus and Manual focus - Min. focusing distance of only 37cm - Flash synchronization up to 1/1600th - Schneider Kreuznach “Blue Ring” design - Metal lens hood

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