Phase One iXH 150MP 72mm Mk II Premium Camera Table Top Kit




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iXH 150mp
Table Top

Phase One iXH 150MP 72mm Mk II Premium Camera Table Top Kit

This system is the top-of-the-range solution offered for film and flat artwork digitisation.
This is just one of many solutions we can offer, and each system can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, so if you can't see exactly what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02

Every Phase One system, including the iXH 150mp, is designed to facilitate fast throughput and productivity, limited only by the speed at which your materials can be safely handled. The iXH 150mp is an instant capture system (typical exposure is 1/30th of a second) and features modern 10G Ethernet and USB-C connectivity for nearly instant transfer of images to the computer.

By allowing a larger capture area at any given PPI, the iXH allows institutions to capture a wider range of material without adjusting settings. Of course, the widely used AutoCrop feature of Capture One CH works quickly and easily to automate the post-processing of subjects of different sizes and shapes, without hand cropping and manual rotation. The iXH will allow your institution to digitise your collection faster, without compromising on material safety or image quality.

With the advent of recent technology, The Phase One  Film Scanning solutions are able to meet or exceed the resolution and dynamic range set by that standard. The resulting files exceed the FADGI 4-Star and Metamorfoze-Strict standards for transmissive digitisation.

In the box
Phase One iXH Camera
Phase One 72mm f5.6 Mk II RS Lens
Phase One RPS 1600 Table-Top Copy Stand 1.6m
1.6m AutoColumn
Camera Arm
Integrated Levelling Head
100 x 70cm Baseboard
Integrated Black Insert
USB-2 Control Box with USB Cable and power Cord
Dovetail 3/8" Camera Moun
Phase One iXH Accessory Kit 
PHASE ONE iXH Flash-Sync Cable (5m Lemo)
PHASE ONE iXH/iXG Camera Body Cap
PHASE ONE Lens Shade for SK 72mm iXG-RS lens
PHASE ONE Front Lens Adaptor for SK 72mm
PHASE ONE Front Lens Cap 72mm iXG-RS lens
Capture One CH Software (4 Seats) Windows / Mac