Foba Extended rotating platform for AROBE




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£723.60 inc.VAT

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Foba Extended rotating platform for AROBE

Extended rotating plaform for AROBE

Extended rotating platform, to be inserted onto the beam’s spigot. The camera axis is lowered to correspond approximately to the beam axis. This has two advantages:

the rotating axis goes through the camera’s gravity center, no matter how it is positioned, which simplifies the setting of the camera.

thanks to the low center of gravity, there is much less risk of the camera’s toppling over when mounted in a wrong way.

360° rotation and clamping is possible. Spigot friction is adjustable with two socket screws. Clamp can be mounted on both sides of the unit.


Technical Data:

Height variation:

16 cm (6.3″)

Diameter studs:

51 mm (2.0″)

Camera thread:

3/8″ (on request 1/4″ available)


1.8 kg (4.0 lbs)

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