Broncolor Fuse 6.3x32mm F 3.15A SP for Pulso F / G / Twin / Unilite (10 Pack)




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£28.80 inc.VAT

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Broncolor Fuse 6.3x32mm F 3.15A  SP for Pulso F / G / Twin / Unilite 

Pack Quantity 10

Did you know that the fuses in broncolor heads are only used to protect the head from the modeling bulbs?

TIP: When a modeling bulb blows it invariably takes out the fuse at the same time, this is why it is important to keep a stock of fuses.

NB: there are similar fuses on the market, but they are not made to exactly the same specification as these and will either blow when you turn on the modeling bulb or it won't blow at all and therefore won't be protecting your very expensive broncolor head, you have been warned.

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