Cartoni Focus 12 Fluid Tripod Head & Carbon Fiber Stabilo Tripod




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Focus 12
Tripod Head + Tripod

Cartoni Focus 12 Fluid Tripod Head & Carbon Fiber Stabilo Tripod

Focus 12 Fluid Head assembled with 1 handle and 3 stages carbon fiber Tripod Stabilo. This System includes a soft bag.

Comes with:

Focus 12 Tripod Head

  • Extremely lightweight & compact
  • Smooth movements
  • Payloads up to 12kg
  •  Interfaces with all 100mm bowl base tripods and supports.
  • A fantastic choice for News operators and videographers.

Focus 12 Fluid Head is the ideal support for the latest cameras weighing from 0 to 12 Kg (26 lbs).

Extremely compact and lightweight, the 12 features a continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements and a unprecedented patented variable counterbalance which brings its range of use to cover all existing ENG cameras.

The 12 Fluid Head comes equipped with a quick release Euro-style sliding camera plate, illuminated spirit level and orientable pan bar.

Its tilt angle is +/- 90° with perfect response throughout the entire tilt range.

Focus 12 interfaces with all 100mm bowl base tripods and supports.

The extreme ruggedness and versatility together with the superior quality/price ratio make the Focus 12 the best possible support for News operators and videographers.

Tripod Stabilo 75 mm

  • Ultra-Lightweight & extremely compact
  • Backpack/carry on friendly (Folds down to 25")
  • Max height 72", Min height 8.8"

A new entry in the CARTONI Tripod line, the professional Stabilo 3 stages ENG ultra-light carbon fiber is an extremely compact, lightweight Tripod that folds to a short 63,5 cm (25 in) making it a perfect compact carry-on or backpack friendly.

The Stabilo extends to an amazing maximum height of 182,5 cm (72 in) to a minimum of 22,5 cm (8,8 in) in low-mode. Extension is secured by 3 rotating grips on each leg while each leg can be set to 3 different angle locks, clearly indicated on each side of the leg attachment, with no need of a spreader to keep position.

The new Stabilo goes with a standard 100 mm or 75 mm bowl diameter. Ideally matching with the CARTONI Focus HD Fluid Head, this perfect combination for news reporters and wildlife operators only weights 5 kg (11 lbs).


Soft Bag for Stabilo System

 Payload Capacity  11kg / 24lbs
 Total Weight  6kg / 13.2lbs
 Tripod Material  Aluminum
 Number of Stages  2
 Spreader  Mid Level
 Minimum Height (Head to ground)  66cm / 26"
 Maximum Height (Head to ground)  162cm / 64"


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