Cambo MBX-0/MBX-2 Studio Stand 9ft




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270 cm
100 cm
62 kg
8 kg
Studio Stand

Cambo MBX-0/MBX-2 Studio Stand 9ft

Besides the Mono Stands Cambo has been offering a range of heavier studio stands for decades. The rise of Mirrorless camera systems created the need for a studio stand that offers the amenities of the large Cambo UBS in a lighter package. The Cambo MBX caters to that need.

The MBX rotation of the cross-arm locks independently from the height adjustment. Vertical movements run on roller bearings for an effortless adjustment.

The MBX column is attached to a flange that is bolted onto the top of the base. This makes assembly and disassembly a breeze. If needed, this stand may even be used for on-location assignments.
The counterweight inside the column can be increased by stacking MBX-7 units onto it.

Height of the column only 255 cm
Height of stand complete 270 cm / 9 Ft
Weight of column only: 26 kg
Weight of stand complete w/MBX-0 : 62 kg
Diameter of the column: 85 mm
Cross-arm length: 1000 mm
Counterweighted load of up to 8 kg, adjustable with increments of 1 kg using the MBX-7 units

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