Cambo ACTUS-DB2-camerabody BLACK for Digital Back




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DB - Digital Back


Actus Model: DB - Digital Back

Cambo ACTUS-DB2-camerabody BLACK for Digital Back

The Cambo ACTUS-DB is a new technology camera system, evolved from the ACTUS-Mini series for mirror less cameras and DSLR's.
ACTUS-DB is specifically targeted at the use of Digital Backs from Hasselblad, Mamiya-Leaf and PhaseOne.
Nevertheless it is built from many parts also used in the ACTUS, thus keeping sizes and weights as minimal as possible.
Although the chip-size of the digital backs is considerably larger than those from the mirrorless and slr cameras, the height of the ACTUS-DB is just slightly more.

With the use of view camera movements the photographer will be able to be more versatile, be more creative and will be getting more professional results much faster than before.
But still size matters, the Cambo ACTUS-DB has been designed to give maximum functionality with minimal dimensions to support portability at ease.
The Cambo ACTUS-DB is small and lightweight and fits easily in a small case.

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Cambo ACTUS-DB shown with optional lenses and optional digital back.

A basic configuration of a Cambo ACTUS-DB2 consists of a 175 mm monorail, front assembly without lensplate, a rear frame with an optional choice of digital back interface plate and a detachable standard bellows which is part of the ACTUS-DB configuration.

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