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Broncolor Ringflash P for Para FB 5500 K 230 V or 120 V





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Ringflash P for Para FB 5500 K 230 V or 120 V


Special flash lamp with circular flash tube 3200 J, UV-coated (5500 K), and halogen modelling light 200 W consisting of 10 robust low voltage halogen lamps 20 W. With safety grid. The Ringflash P is suitable for flash series with large power output as well as for flashing with small power output, due to the high-strength quartz flash tube and the high-power cooling system.

This special lamp is designed for the umbrellas Para FB and possesses a matching holder which allows to swivel the lamp unit. As the focusing rod of the Para FB is passed through the Ringflash, the light source of the giant umbrella is positioned symmetrically to the optical axis.

The Ringflash P achieves a high light output in connection with the Para FB. It allows the choice of directed light with high contrast to extremely soft light. In comparison to a large area lamp, the light stays constantly brilliant shrouding the object like a cloud of light and bringing out wonderfully the structures.

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