Broncolor Pulso Spot 4 5500 K 200-220 V or 100-120 V




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Broncolor Pulso Spot 4 5500 K 200-220 V or 100-120 V

Pulso-Spot 4 may be operated with power packs Grafit, Pulso, Opus, Primo with a maximum of 3200 J. This design corresponds to the familiar structure of the Fresnel lens floodlight. An adjustable light angle extends from 15º to 40º.

The Fresnel spot has an adjustable lamp angle. Equipped with the 150 mm optical snoot (available as accessory), the Pulso-Spot 4 enables entire sharp and precise projections without any visual faults.

- max. 3200 J
- f-stop at 2 m (6 1/2 ft) distance, 100 ISO: f: 90
- with fixing bracket
- flash tube
- modelling lamp
- Fresnel lens (UV coating)
- light angle adjustment range 15° - 40°
- cable 5 m (16 ft)

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