Beautybox 65 with counter Reflectors (gold/white,Transp,diffuser)




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Beautybox 65 with counter Reflectors (gold/white,Transp,diffuser)

The Beautybox 65 comes with a dull white inside coating. This prevents the creation of double shadows, which is usually common with beauty reflectors. Classically, a beauty box uses only one small counter reflector. Included with the Beautybox 65 is a double-sided gold and white double reflector and an additional transparent white one.

In addition, a front diffusor is included as well. When mounted, the light of the Beautybox 65 is similar to one of an Octabox. A textile grid is available optionally.

Including one double-sided counter reflector (gold/white) Ø 65 cm and one diffuser

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