Broncolor Siros 800 S WiFi / RFS 2.1




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Broncolor Siros 800 S WiFi / RFS 2.1

Raise your ambitions and foster your creativity with the uncompromising power as well as the vast amount of functions of the Siros S. Enough power to face any challenge, control range of 9 f-stops, extremely fast flash duration, while maintaining absolute colour constancy –
the Siros S has it all in one compact and sturdy housing.

In addition, our frontrunner monolight is equipped with the broncolor bayonet, which opens up a world of high-quality accessories for maximum creativity and efficiency.

With up to 800 joules of power and carefully calculated reflectors, you can illuminate the largest sets as well as achieve outstanding results when photographing against the sun.

Freeze the moment with its extreme short flash duration of up to 1/8500 s (t 0.1) - shorter than the fastest shutter speed of your camera. With the impressive recycling time on the Siros S, you can trigger your next shot in 0.02 seconds.

The single rotary controller makes it extremely easy to operate the Siros S. It enables you to change the power outlet precisely in full or 1/10 f-stops increments over the entire power range of 9 f-stops and access all advanced settings in the menu.

Alternatively, you can remotely control your Siros S with the advanced and intuitive bronControl app. It gives you access to many more creative functions such as sequences, delays, alternate, freemask and more.

Siros S automatically adapts to the main (AC-line) voltage 100-120 V and 200-240 V.

- flash energy: 800 J
- f-stop at 2m distance, 100 ISO (6½ft)
-- with reflector L40: 32 ⁸/₁₀
-- with reflector P70: 45 ⁶/₁₀
- flash duration t 0.1 (t 0.5)
-- min. energy: 1/4000 s (1/8000 s)
-- max. energy: 1/500 s (1/1100 s)
-- with HS Flash tube* 1/8000 s
- charging time: 0.07 – 1.9 s (230V)
- Control range of flash energy: 9 f-stops in ¹/₁₀ or full-stop intervals: 4-800 J
- WiFi
- RFS 2.1
*HS flash tube is optimized for the operation in HyperSync™ mode, available as an accessory, 1/8000 s while using a camera with curtain shutter

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