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NEW - Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Siros L

With the latest lithium-ion technology, a singlebattery, in spite of its very compact size and lowweight, can charge a Siros 400 L up to full power 440 times & the Siros 800 L up to full power220 times! Reduce the output, for example by just2 f-stops, and you can have over 1700/850 flashes!The results will convince you.

The battery can be
used over a very wide range of temperatures –from −10°C to +60°C degrees Celsius. This givesyou a free range of locations – at the North Poleor in the desert, Siros L is your reliable companion.

When discharged, this high quality battery takes only 70 minutes to fully charge again. In Siros Ltoo, the ECTC technology you know from ourhigh-end Scoro and Move power packs controlsthe flash curve, enables flash durations from1/19’000s (t0.5). In addition, it guaranteesconstant colour temperature over the entire controlrange.

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