Broncolor Picolite Head




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£1,427.99 inc.VAT

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Broncolor Picolite Head

Picolite is more than just a lamp. It is a complete system of specialized light shapers and a crossover adapter for other broncolor light shapers as well. Thanks to its small, lightweight design, it is very handy and easy to use. Picolite is compatible with all broncolor power packs and includes several accessories providing tremendous choice in different lighting characteristics.

Picolite Key Features

A Fresnel spot, a grid system, a soft light source and even a projecting attachment are available for the small lamp Picolite. All reduced in size and optimised for shooting small objects.

All the light shapers as well as the Picolite itself are designed to give you absolute control over the light - especially for small set ups and objects.

All Picolite accessories are built with a focus on light quality. The intensity loss induced by the light precision is easily compensated by the strong 1600 J flash tube. You will always have enough light for all your photographic needs.

A bayonet adapter even allows you to use most standard broncolor light shapers with your Picolite.


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