BenQ SW240 Pro 24 inch IPS Monitor with FREE Shading Hood




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BenQ SW240 Pro 24 inch IPS Monitor with FREE Shading Hood

Highlight and Design Concept

Supported by BenQ’s AQCOLOR Technology, the new 24.1” monitor covers industry standard space of 99% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB and delivers factory-calibrated colour accuracy to ensure brilliant colours for photographers.

As the frontrunner of the professional monitor industry, BenQ has never slowed down but sought out further improvement for the photographers especially in the respect of the quality of colour reproduction, viewing comfort and user convenience. SW240 has a perfect screen size for professional photographers to do their work with ease by 24.1” 16:10 panel. It can display two full A4 pages plus tool palettes for photographers to easily compare the content on the screen. Furthermore, BenQ Team always seeks the easiest way for our users to use the monitor.

By upgrading user experience, we develop a new OSD hotkey (Colour Mode HotKey) for switching different colour modes smartly. Users can switch colour modes with ease. Also SW240 has its edge-to-edge ultra slim bezels, allowing photographers to set up a dual-monitor workspace for a grand view.

Knowing that ambient lighting can obstruct colour accuracy, SW series photographer monitors all come with a detachable shading hood to reduce screen glare to deliver the most accurate colours. The newly-designed shading hood can be used at portrait orientation as well as at landscape orientation. In consideration of consumers’ preference, we will sell the shading hood as an optional accessory for SW240.

BenQ Team knows: a small detail can make a big difference. We’ve noticed that the colour of the monitor bezels can so affect the photographer’s viewing experience that we experimented with a variety of colours, aiming to find the right one to minimise reflection and maintain the accuracy of the display. After extensive and intensive research, SW240 monitor implements a neutral grey colour on the surface to ensure the optimal viewing experience for photography professionals.

Key Features:

  • 24.1 inches, 16:10, 1920 x 1200 resolution
  • 99% Adobe RGB coverage
  • 14-bit 3D LUT, ΔE ≤ 2
  • Palette Master Element Calibration Software with Hardware Calibration
  • Colour Mode HotKey for switching colour mode readily
  • Advanced Black & White mode
  • Shading Hood (*optional accessory)

Product Features:

Wide Colour Gamut

99% Adobe RGB colour space offers an impressive range of vibrant colours, particularly in reproducing shades of blue and green that are true to the original colour.

IPS Panel

IPS technology enables wide viewing angles (178°/ 178°).

24.1 inch and 1920 x 1200 resolution

The SW240 can display two A4 pages plus tool palettes on its 24.1-inch screen at a resolution of 1920 x 1200 to provide you with ample space to work.

Colour Accuracy

The 14-bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT) attains a colour difference of Delta E≤2 in both Adobe RGB and sRGB colour spaces and improves RGB colour blending and accuracy, resulting in impeccable colour and grey tone reproduction.

Hardware (HW) Calibration

With the help of BenQ’s Palette Master Element Software, photographers can calibrate the monitor with a colorimeter to access to the internal image processing chip. So the calibration can be done on the internal image processing chip without affecting the graphics card.

Colour Mode HotKey

Colour modes can be swiftly switched by this new OSD hotkey. Furthermore, the three default colour modes on the menu can also be adjusted by pressing 5 seconds on the hotkey.

Shading Hood

The SW240 supports the detachable shading hood that can effectively reduce the monitor’s screen glare resulting from ambient lighting, ensuring superb colour accuracy required for professional work. The shading hood can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations. (Watch how to set the shading hood on YouTube

(*The shading hood is an optional accessory)

Advanced Black & White Mode

The new B/W Mode enables you to view photos in a black and white film effect. Choose from three different black and white presets to preview your photos before you perform actual adjustments in your photo processing program.

Mac Thunderbolt Compatibility

Mini DP is compatible with Mac system’s Thunderbolt (1&2) port to transmit video signal. Using the Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable included in the box, Mac users can connect the SW240 display to the Mac laptop.

Built-in Calibrator: No
Gamut: Adobe RGB / REC709+, 99%
Includes Cables: Mini DisplayPort - DisplayPort, USB C to C, USB 3 to B cable, HDMI to HDMI
Includes Monitor Hood: Yes
Input Ports: USB C, HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, 2 x USB 3.0, SD Card Reader
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Size: 27 inch
Warranty: 3 years

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