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Arca Swiss rotaFoot

Please select the bayonet you would like with the rotaFoot from the drop-down list above.

Please note, this is the rotaFoot, you can also shop the rotaFoot GFX100 for Universalis, the rotaFoot for the GFX 100, and the rotaFoot for Universalis.

The Arca Swiss rotaFoot is a new modular accessory for Arca Swiss view cameras and allows for the use of mirrorless cameras on the Arca Swiss rear functioning carrier. With rotaFoot you combine the potential of the latest digital camera technology with the outstanding design and precision advantages of the Arca Swiss view camera systems.

Fitted with a bayonet, the rotaFoot rotating mechanism will make changes from landscape to portrait orientation simple and fast. These two positions are marked by a snap-in detent that may be overridden for a rotation that is not mechanically limited. The bellows remain attached to roatFoot during the handling and changing orientation, therefore a digital sensor will not be exposed to dust and other environmental factors.

The rotaFoot offers a height adjustment feature that provides easy mounting and centering for a variety of mirrorless cameras with your Arca Swiss view camera. It will be possible to adjust the height to centre a digital camera while keeping rise/fall at zero on the functioning carrier scale. Height adjustment is only required once and the setting is secured in place with three screws.

Important! - Bellows Required 

The rotaFoot requires the use of one of the following four DSLR bellows with a magnetic connection. Please be sure to browse these bellows and include one in your order if you do not already own one.


Bayonets Currently Available 

Fuji GFX
Sony E
Canon R
Nikon Z
L-mount (Leica, Panasonic, Sigma)
Hasselblad X
Lecia M

Please select the bayonet you would like with the rotaFoot from the drop-down list above. More Bayonets are set to be added to this list in the future!


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