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Classic Compact

Arca Swiss F-Classic C (Compact) 8x10"

The Arca-Swiss F-Classic C 8x10 View Camera is an incredibly precise and professional view camera that features calibrated, easily accessed control blocks (they call them 'function carriers). Focusing is done with your right hand, with finely geared control available from both the front and the rear standard. All camera movements are done on the left. This "C" version of the F-Classic 8x10 camera includes a more compact 50cm collapsing monorail, which offers built-in extension to 500mm but also can be folded in half for storage.

The 8x10 F offers front standard 40mm rise/60mm fall to aid composing your architectural images, along with 50mm of lateral shift on each standard as well. It also offers unlimited vertical swing movement to allow you to remove the bellows (which is a quick procedure) and pack the camera flat. The monorail slides directly into the included extension bracket, which itself fits into any tripod with an Arca-type quick release clamp.

The Arca-Swiss 8x10 is a high quality professional's tool that is ideal for use with 8x10 film, any medium format film backs, and digital backs with interfaces for the 8x10 standard.

  • An incredibly precise 8x10 view camera made in France
  • Fully modular system with extensive accessories for viewing, conversion, etc.
  • Great for use with digital backs and lenses
  • Folding 50cm monorail
  • Conical 500mm bellows comfortably accommodate all camera positions within the bellows range without interference
  • Rapid, friction-based ungeared movements
  • 40mm of rise and 60mm of fall upon front standard
  • 50mm of lateral shift upon each standard
  • Standard 141mm lensboard easily accommodates #1 shutters in recessed boards (adapters are available to accept Linhof Technika-type or Arca-Swiss 110mm lensboards)
  • Rail inserts directly into any Arca-type quick release

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