Leaf Capture 11.5.3 software 64bit download




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This download link is provided for Leaf Valeo and Aptus Users who are using older Macs or do not wish to pay for Capture One Pro.

You can now download the software by clicking on the download link below

Leaf Capture 11.5.3 software 64bit download  (LINK)

Leaf Capture v. 11.5.3 is compatible with 64 bit Intel-based Macs. Please see the Technical Bulletin for how to determine if your Mac has a 64 bit processor. Compatibility Leaf Aptus-II 10, 7, 6, 5 Leaf Aptus 75, 65, 22, 17 Leaf Aptus 75S, 65S, 54S Leaf AFi-II 10, 7, 6 Leaf AFi 7, 6, 5

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