Capture One 9.0 Pro is released this week

This week Phase One released Capture One Pro 9

To distinguish itself from Capture One 8 it now sports a new lighter logo, other than that you would be hard pressed to tell them apart.

It’s under the bonnet that the significant changes have been made! Phase One are determined to keep Capture One Pro in the number One spot, and we think they have added enough bells and whistles in this new version to do just that!

Last time out Capture One gave us a new powerful processing engine, which improved fine detail and processing speed, they also improved the remarkable HDR & clarity tools. Better local adjustment tools were introduced and it was with this functionality that we new they were after Adobe!

This time they have introduced a new Contrast & Re-scaling engine, this is a much smoother and smarter engine than found in 7 or 8. There have also been improvements to cataloguing and the local adjustments editor with the introduction of an airbrush tool and masking from colour adjustments, allowing us to make complicated masks with just a few clicks.

We have also noticed that Capture One 9 is significantly faster than 8 up to 20-30%!

And here’s a list of the improvements that shows they are not sitting on their laurels!

New Keyword Tool
• New Keyword Libraries Tool
• Additive Keywords And Lists
• Sortable Keywords
• Flow And Airbrush Masking
• Mask From Colour Editor (beta)
• New Colour Editor Interface (Scalable)
• Straight Line Brushing
• Link Brushes
• New Contrast Engine
• New Re-Scaling Engine
• New Local Adjustment Curves
• New Luma Curves Tool (Scalable)
• XMB Battery Status
• Export Originals as EIP (Catalog)
• Capture One Colours for DNG*

For more Information you can contact Lawrie or Andy on 020 7033 7371 or email us at
If you want a 30 day trial or want to buy click this link Capture One 9 Pro