Sinar CTM


Sinar CTM Pro KIT (Colour To Match)


Sinar CTM Pro KIT (Colour To Match)

Sinar rePro CTM ProKit
Applications such as digitization of artwork, reprography, and scientific photography require very accurate color reproduction. With the Sinar CTM dual-pass filter system, Sinar has redefined color accuracy in digital photography.

The Sinar rePro CTM ProKit makes it possible to reproduce the entire color spectrum perceivable to the human eye with absolute accuracy. As this eliminates the need for time-consuming color corrections, the CTM workflow also saves valuable time.

The Sinar CTM system, together with the Sinar rePro camera, combines the best color accuracy of multispectral photography with the very simple workflow of a specialized digital camera system.

We offer you the Sinar rePro CTM ProKit as a package, including a lens of your choice**, with a price advantage of up to 12%*

With the Sinar rePro CTM ProKit the following is included:

Sinar rePro RC camera
Sinarback eVolution 86H
Sinar CTM Slider Set incl. Software
Sinar LC-Shutter 100
Sinar eShutter Control
All necessary adapters and brackets
Universal tripod adapter
Complete Bellows Lens Hood
All necessary cables
Sinar Power Supply 13,2 VAC, 4m
X-Rite ColorChecker Digital SG
Reference book: “Color Science and Visual Arts”
by Prof. Dr. Roy S. Berns, ROI, Rochester, USA
In addition, one of the following lenses ** with electronic eShutter:

Sinaron Digital HR 4.0/60 eShutter
Sinaron Digital HR 5.6/70 eShutter
Sinaron Digital HR SW 5.6/90 eShutter
Sinaron Digital HR 4.0/100 eShutter
Sinaron Digital HR 5.6/180 eShutter

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