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Pre-owned Sinar arTec Technical camera Complete Kit inc. 4 x lenses





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Pre-owned Sinaron Sinar arTec technical camera.with the best 4 Sinaron Digital HR lenses This superb camera platform is designed with both landscape and architectural photographers in mind. Winner of the Star award at Photokina in 2008 it is designed to be used with any digital back with the appropriate adapters and cables.

The intergral sliding adapter and optical viewfinder offers the photographer the ability to seemlessly stitch wide panoramic images Used in conjunction with the Sinaron Digital HR lenes, the pinnacle of lens quality, this system allows the photographer to create the very best quality professional photographs.

This complete Sinar arTec kit consists of :

1 x Sinar arTec technical camera with focusing magnifier 
1 x Sinar artTec inter-changeable Hasselblad H interface board (54mm x 40mm)
1 x Sinaron Digital HR f5.6/23mm CEF lens with M72 lens ring and E72 Rodenstock Centre Filter
1 x Sinaron Digital HR f4.0/32mm CEF lens wit hM86 lens ring and E86 Rodenstock Centre Filter
1 x Sinaron Digital HR f4.0/40mm CEF lens with M67 lens ring
1 x Sinaron Digital HR f4.0/50mm CEF lens with M67 lens ring
1 x Sinar swivelling circulat polarising filter kit consisting
1 x Sinar swivelling circulat polarising filter
1 x accessory shoe
1 x filter rod holder
1 x 11cm filter rod
1 x 16cm filter rod
1 x Sinar arTec 4-wing lens shade
1 x Kapture group 'one-shot' cable for Hasselblad
1 x Sinar Artec 'peli-type' case

Will ship with 6 months Peartree warranty.

As this is a comission sale and the client still holds the lens at present, shipping will take a little longer, aprox 7-10 days.



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