The Importance Of Firmware Updates For Your Phase One IQ4, XT and XF

It’s easy to forget firmware updates or even put them off, deciding it's something that can be done at a later date or just altogether not worth the hassle. But firmware updates for your Phase One IQ4, XT Camera System or XF IQ4 Camera System are incredibly important to ensure your camera is running correctly and you are receiving the support, bug fixes, and brand new features that Phase One are offering.

At the time of this blog being posted, the most recent firmware update was released was back in March 2020 - Feature Update #7 Phase One Lab & Dual Exposure+. Introducing a new Phase One Lab concept, which is still undergoing development but despite being in its Beta stage users are still welcomed to trial the Lab and the current feature it offers and share their thoughts and feedback with Phase One which will help in the refinements of the system in the future.

The currently released feature that comes with the Phase One Lab is Dual Exposure+, this feature extends the useable dynamic range in high contrast scenes by providing much lower noise level in the shadow areas. This allows you to recover plenty of details in the darkest shadows during post-processing without sacrificing image quality.

But you must use Capture One version 20.0.3 or later in order to be able to view and process the Dual Exposure+ RAW files with the intended image quality. Earlier versions of Capture One 20 only provide preliminary support. More features are to come to The Lab in the future so having your firmware up to date is an absolute must! 

How To Install Firmware Updates

To install the latest firmware, use an adapter to connect an XQD card to your computer and download and copy the Camera System Package file (in this case, 7.00.7.fwp) to the root folder of the XQD card. 

1. Place the IQ4 on the XF Camera Body or XT Camera Body with the XT Lens attached (if applicable).
2. Make sure the installed battery is fully charged on the IQ4.
3. Insert the XQD card into the IQ4.
4. On the IQ4, select Menu > System Settings > Firmware > Update Firmware.
5. The system will now apply all the relevant firmware updates for the IQ4 (and XF Camera Body / X-Shutter, if applicable).

Make sure you do not interrupt the updating process. If you do this by mistake, the update will fail and you will have to run the update again.

For the full firmware update support documents released by Phase One click HERE and choose the latest update, download the release note, and read through before moving on to download the update its self.