Extraordinary Passion - Leif Steiner

"I don't have a lot of background in photography, but because of my role as a creative director I believe I developed an eye, a sense of problem-solving, opinions on style - all of which I think can easily be applied to photography" - Leif Steiner

Steiner is the perfect example of how a lack of background in photography does not limit your ability to branch out and try new crafts at any point in your life. He made the leap from advertising to photography after investing a whole 20 years of his life to the former and has never looked back, "Life is short" as Steiner said and he felt it was time to experience something entirely new and refreshing which he found through the art of photography.

He specializes in portrait photography, capturing not just moments but people, culture and a story. His work speaks a thousand words and really radiates with his sense of adventure and the drive he has to learn about others and their ways of life. However a photographer with great skill is still lost without the appropriate gear.

"Phase One is the only camera I can imagine shooting with. The quality, the resolution, the ability to capture the shot exactly as it is in my mind far surpasses what I can accomplish with any other camera. Every photographer has their own style and their own needs, but for me the Phase One is the only camera that can capture portraits the way I want to." - Leif Steiner

Phase One cameras are designed to take your shooting experience to extraordinary places. There is no better way to discover the allure of a Phase One camera than to try it yourself. Here at Peartree Photo we offer the opportunity for you to try out our products before you buy, whether that be you visiting us where our office is based in London or us sending out the products to you for a trial period. 

Consider trying something new alike Steiner, break out of the ordinary and mundane of day to day life! This could be the beginning of your photography journey and you're guaranteed unparalleled quality when starting with Phase One.

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