Capture One 20.1 gets a Branding Makeover!

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the latest Capture One 20.1was a major release, as it has been released with more pomp and ceremony than was afforded to Capture One 20.

Let's start with the elephant in the room, the New Capture One makeover has given the brand it's own unique identity. The old Capture One design was in keeping with the look and feel of the parent company Phase One. But this was the problem, whenever people mentioned Capture One, they immediately thought of expensive medium format cameras. 

But over the past couple of years, Phase One have made new alliances with other camera manufacturers, releasing camera brand specific version at reduced prices. The first version was for Sony users, followed soon after by a version for Fujifilm owners, and today they announced as part of the big release a version specifically for Nikon users.
It must be only a matter of time before a Canon version makes an appearance and then Capture One will have the Big 4. So now the name Capture One Pro is as synonymous with photo editing as Adobe Lightroom.

Whatever you think of the new branding it is a bold move and at this time, gives Capture One something to shout about.

As for the new features in Capture One 20.1 these include 

Capture One 20.1 for Nikon Camera Users

Heal and Clone
Before/After feature
New activation and onboarding flow
Nikon profiles

Improved Lightroom importer
Re-designed brush cursors
Improved default workspace

So there you have it the NEW Capture One 20.1 in a nutshell! Download it and have a play with the new functions, and make your own mind up. The single-user version comes with a 30-day unlimited no-risk trial.


18 May 2020