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Arca Swiss Monoball x-table Fliplock System




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Type: X-Tables

Arca Swiss Monoball x-table Fliplock System

The monoball-x-table-system is essential for ultra-precise work in studio and nature macro photography. It of course also allows the cropping in the studio in object photography

Mountable on Monoballfix or Classic vice.

Some technical data on the Arca-Swiss trolley:

At each revolution of the dials, the ARCA wagon advances by 19 mm.

The smaller knob allows movement and the larger knob allows locking and friction adjustment functions. The blocking is done on approximately 1/4 of a turn.

The rails can possibly be used in a vertical position, with a device weighing at most 5 kg. It is then sufficient to ensure that the friction is sufficient and to observe that there are no mechanical stops at the end of movements.

In normal use, horizontally, there is no limit to the weight of the device.